'98 YZ400F Rear Sprocket Question

Complete novice to riding, going to take a look at a '98 YZ400F that says only problem is broken rear sprocket. What might a new middle-of-the-road sprocket cost for this bike? I know you can pretty much spend as much as you want for parts but just a reasonably priced one?

Also, what problems to look for on this bike?

Thanks in advance,


if one is broken then i would replace both sprockets and the chain..

right now on motosport u can get a complete sunline kit for 116 shipped. or you can get something like a renthal kit for 139.. its really depends on how much u want..

Thanks Slinky. And how many teeth would you go for this bike? 49, 50?



im not sure.. ive never owned the 400.. but i would start out with stock gearing then change it depending on ur needs.

Okay, thanks for the advice.


I reccomend you establish what caused the sprocket to be broken. If it was too tight a chain check the rear hub because tight chains are known to cause broken rear hubs as well.

There is another thread running on this forum at present regarding buying a 400f and what to look for, check it out.

Basically if it is in good condition, and been regularly maintained, it should be OK. They have a good reputation for reliablity.

Good luck.

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