A Kid On A Yz450f!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you dont need a 450. im 13 5'6'' 105lbs. and i ride a 125. sure i can get on a 450 and ride around in 2nd gear. but why when i can turn faster,jump further and do anything better on my 125 in 4th gear. its not all about power. its about your ability to use the power.

well put. :thumbsup:

but kids these days dont think of what they need, they think of what they want.

personally im looking at either buying the 09 250f or 450f right now. but i have a yz125 now so i know how to handle a bike and i've also got a trx450r so i know how to handle the power.

you crash on that 450f and your toast man. quads are 100X more stable than bikes and i've come close to ending my life a few times on my trx, which isnt nearly as powerfull as the new yz450f's.

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