Runs Good!

I changed the spark plug - cleaned the K & N air filter - changed the coolant & changed the oil & the K & N oil filter on my 400.

It runs fine now ever since I did all the maintenance on it.

I just need to buy a new exhaust shield.

The old one just fell off somewhere.

The only thing I don't like is having to loosen the exhaust bolts & move the exhaust up to get to the oil filter that was just stupid of Yamaha to do that.

I might buy an aftermarket exhaust one day.

If I do will I have to change the jetting since I have a K & N filter also on it.

Good idea on the exhaust shield. Mine takes a beating. When I didn't have it on, my pipe got dinged.

Yes, if you change the air flow, you will have to adjust the jetting. What year is your wr. I can get to my oil filter without removing the exhaust. I got one of those allen drivers with the ball tip. Or better yet, it might be easier to loosen and move the exhaust can and slightly move the header up and out of the way.

My WR is a 2000.

I don't have to take the Exhaust off I just have to loosen the bolts & move the Exhaust up a little bit to get to the oil filter.

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