Do I have to really do the Grey Wire Mod?

The more power you give these bikes the more fun they are to ride.Tuning the motor like a YZ makes them feel lighter. If they are restricted in any way you may as well be riding a DR400

Any kind of pipe is a necessity

You can pick up a used YZ pipe cheap

Wouldn't just be better to just spend extra $ & buy FMF pipe than an old used YZ Pipe?

Just my 2 Cents.

hey marcus:applause:

which would be faster...... a WZ 490 or a SH500AF:busted:

Gold.... :thumbsup:

G'day Marcus, good to hear the 400 is still going strong.

a good mod i found was fitting a 07 rear wave disc, seems to give more 'feel' less prone to locking have to machine 2mm off to fit a 400.. and i have instructions on our site here on how you can do it with an angle grinder....

How are you going with those Tyre changes?:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


What would be faster -

A TT500 with a titanium 749 kit using an exhaust pipe from an GT750 and stiffer front springs


Uncle Dad's swamp buggy running on eco-friendly methane captured from Grandma's last visit to the outhouse?

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