Sm Wheel Set

Got the green light for a SM wheel set for my 2005 S. Can you guys give me some leads on where to start looking? Would like to stay in the 1200 dollar range with the full set, swap in and out with my stock set up.....I have 14/47 gearing right now on the S. Thanks. I have been checking and reading the threads by the way, any deals seen out there lately?

pm me i have a set ready to bolt on

I have an extra OEM set off a 05' SM. I sent you a pm with details.

wow, ive also got a set. new contiforce sm tires with about 100 miles on them. the s model rotors and the speedo drive adapter. I also have the sm rotors and sprocket. I was asking 1200. I just went out and bought a wee strom for the street and the z is back to dirt only.


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