Scotts damper on a 2000 426

i just got a scotts damper and putting it on my 426...i'm having issues with the mount on the frame that clamps to the oil filler tube in front seems like the clamp is too big...anybody with pics of the mount...should i have some shims or something...everything else went on smoothly. Thanks.

The mount never used to clamp to the filler tube, only the steering head. I'm not familiar with the setup you're talking about.

yeah...looked on the site and the mounts look different...even for the WRs, which this was supposed to fit along with my yz...

i'll get some pics up...

this is what i ended up with. when the damper is on a slow setting, the frame mount wiggles.


I would talk it over with Scotts.

ok...i search some more...apparently the mount i got is for pre '00 frames...i'm calling scotts and getting a newer bolt on mount. thanks.

Grayracer hooked me up with the correct's a pic:


everthing works nowl...thanks gray...

everthing works nowl...thanks gray...


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