No pression at oil gallery bolt

After rebuilting my top end on my yz450f 07 and fill the engine with new oil, I started it and was looking for oil pressure at oil gellery bolt. After 1 min, I did'nt have any pression so I kill the engin. I look at my oil filter side and the oil is getting there (oil getting out of the drain bolt). It looks like the problem is between the oil filter and the oil gallery bolt. Any suggestion ?


Did the oil slowly ooze out (this is what it does) or was there no oil at all. At max pressure, it is only a few pounds, not much.

No oil at all...

I just changed my cylinder and I always look for pression after a oil change, so I know is not as it was before. I was looking at the oil flow diagram and I can say that my oil pumps are good because I have oil at the filter. I look if any holes are obtructed, even spray contact cleaner but no chance so far.

I'll probably have to remove the head again and see if any conduct are obstructed, but I did want some opinon before I start.


You may have the head gasket on wrong or the wrong gasket or a defective on (missing the galley hole). Buy a new gasket, pull the head. Sorry.

It could be the base gasket as well.

The gaskets are OEM one... The oil seems to make his way up, so I went riding with it and no problem at all. Have been riding for 2 days now. I'll try to blow some compress air into the hole and see if that will unblock it.

Thanks for the input thought!

I know that it would be another thread, but does one of you already change the cam chain on a YZ450F 07 ? I am looking to do this job ans I am wondering if you do need to remove the flight weel to remove the chain ? Is it a hard job ? Any "how to" reference one of you know ?

Yes you need to pull the rotor, and you need a puller to do it. This job would have been much easier if you would have done it when you had the topend apart. Reference= manual.

I know... I was thinking of it because my tensioner seems to be bad and do not keep the right tension. I have to time my cams almost each time I turn my engine off. The intake cam shift and I'm unable to start the bike after. The valve are not bent hopefuly and I was thinking of maybe change the chain at the same time than the tensioner. I was looking in the manual and, like I tought, it's more complicated that I am welling to risk myself on it.

Anyway, thanks.

Look at your cam caps for signs of the cam seizing to the head from lack of oil.

I see oil going up when I open the cams cap and it still easy to make the engine rotate fully. I'll check more in dept as you bring a good point. Maybe it's realated to my "no pression at gallery bolt" issue.

I did happened to have some bad luck lately with this bike. I bet I'll know it by heart not far from now :thumbsup:

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