Riders in AL or West GA?

My riding partner cancelled at the last minute tonight, and all my stuff's loaded on the truck. Anybody in this area want to ride Kentuck ORV tomorrow?

Can't make it tommorrowx... I haven't ridden Kentuk. What's it like? Did you ride the SERA Enduro's?

I don't race at all, only trail/woods riding. Kentuck is easy to moderate. Lots of rocks and roots, some challenging hillclimbs, and recently lots of mud that's slicker than owl s#@t. There's a main loop (~2 mi.) that connects the other trails, and three other trail/loops that are around 6 miles each. I have a lot of fun there. Would you like to get together and ride there sometime?

I used to practice at Kentuck all the time....But the last couple to times the trails really sucked bad. The forestry service had let the 4 wheelers chew up the trails so bad that it was nothing but trenches....and Trees were down all over the place. Nothing now but a redneck hillbilly ATV mud bog....

It's a shame, it used to be a great practice area...(except for the two way traffic.

Bonzai :)

Kentuck and Coosa WMA are the only places I know of, at the moment, that are close enough that I can go, ride, and get back in one day. Do you know of any other cool places to ride in this general vicinity?

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