swamped my 06 yz450

hey guys, i whent out riding today crossed a creek that a cross every weekend to go out ridin but this weekend the guys that owns the property desided to dig out the creek so i whent through it not nowing it was dug out and put my bike right under water up to about the seat i made it across barely then it died on my. it started back up i rode it about 5 feet then it died again. i was wondering what i should do before i ride it again, i know fresh oil and fresh filter, and air filter are required but is there anything ealse i should look at or replace. any feed back would be helpfull thanx.

You are very lucky it did not konk out while submerged.

Check the carb for water......clean

if the oil is grey use marvels mystery oil to try to get all h2o out of the motor.

Exhaust packing my be spoiled also....

yeah ill do that, thanx man

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