a question for california riders

In Hollister Hills Northern Calif, the red stickers are ignored by the rangers, they just make sure they are current. Most of them know and disagree with the red sticker policy anyway, well tahst the gist of m conversations with them.

They also are testing (Volenteer) right now and have been threatning to do mandatory since last March. I doubt seriuosly they will enforce this on a mandatory basis after the 1st of the year.

A priv conversation I had with a reanger there one afternoon typified what these guys are up against.

Must of them ride, thi sis the living they make for themselves. For them to enforce a law (Mandatory) would shut the park down becouse of lost in monies. at least 70% of the bikes are failing sound test on average. that would be a major impact on the Hill ability to operate.

Other areas of Calif do not enforce red stickers either just making sure its current.

Sound however is a big isisue in some places. My advise get your bike below 96db


a stock WR426 will chk in at 88db

EGO - "a stock WR426 will chk in at 88db"

- is that with the original baffle? I made the dealer pull that thing out before I bought it. :)

88db is the stock baffle, uncorked I would guess approx. 100db. Vortip baffle is approx. 91db and is a good and cheap ($80.00) solution. Baja designs has a new tip they make that looks a little bigger than the White Bros. Vortip. They have pictures and sell both on there web site

www.bajadesigns.com I called them and it has not been sound tested but guessed 94db on a wr 4--. It looks like it would flow pretty good.

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