Temprature of my bike when operating

Since I'm new to this world of WR's. About what temprature do these bikes operate at? I was riding the other day and man did it feel hot. I could not touch the outside of the water jacket on the cylinder. Is that correct? If not where should I start looking. I know that the head pipe is hot but I'm not sure about the motor itself.


The WR does a good job of disapating heat. As the outside air temps get warmer you notice the engine temps much more. Don't worry about it unless you start hearing detonation. Also keep an eye on your coolant tank as an additional sign of overheating.

Bonzai :)

What should I be looking at on the coolant tank? Just make sure that is full? Also are these bikes designed to run hotter?

I replased the oil check stick with a temp gauge from an xr600r. The bike goes easily up to 58C and goes up to 80C in the woods on about 20C outside temp. On the rode when I drive it hard, about 120-140 km/h it got up to 100C and I lowered the speed. I guess the engine is even hotter that the oil in the frame. I have no modifications on my 2002 wr426f

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