01 WR426 what to do next???

hey everyone i just bought a 01 WR426. the airbox , throttle stop and grey wire mod have already been down. i did the o ring mod today and love the difference. she starts first kick when cold with choke and starts first kick when hot with no aid. loving the reliablilty. the standard muffler is still in place and has the tiniest pee shooter. the muffler cant be opened (unless you cut it up) would my next mod be a slip on? has anyone found much of a gain? i hear everyone using a JD jetting kit. is it worth me changing to the JD kit? bike runs fine and checked the plug after a run and the centre was light brown with the outside black. im thinking jetting is ok. what is my next power mod? im dont wanna open the engine and put the 03 yz450 cam in yet as the bike is so reliable.



Some easy slip on stuff that will give you more power is exhaust system,aftermaket airfileter such as UNI, Boyseen Accelerator Pump Cover. And here are some websites you find this stuff at and more stuff.




As for the jetting kit its shouldn;t mess up ur bike when starting it it should give you more power and if it does you can just take it of and reinstall your old jets and the JD jet kits is very simple to install. Hope this helps good luck :thumbsup:

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