sorry to do it again guys! last time, i promise!

Dear needle heads,

I have tried going through the old posts and find the right jetting for my bike but every time I do I get a headache from all the nygcyuerbc34726736 if ya know what I mean. Yes, I am asking for the easy out so if you could help me out I would really appreciate it. I have a 2000 WR400, throttle stop trimmed, yz timing, pro circuit exhaust and all of the jetting is stock. I live at sealevel and am looking for year round jetting if possible. I do know that I need to richen it, I think, and the studder/hiccup is from the acc. pump, right? All info on needle-clip-jets-airbox-airscrew is very appreciated. Thank you!!!!!

Look for James Dean or Clark Mason's posts and then click to see if they have an email address. They are your best resources for help and info concerning the needles. They can give you the correct part #'s also. Yamaha had some errors here.

i have just read through all the archives-well maybe not all of them-and have come up with some numbers. PLEASE tell me if i am close--

here goes: #48 pilot jet

screw out 1-1.5 turns

stock air jet

ekp jet on #3 clip

#170 main jet

am i close? thanks o jetting gods!


Thats close-

#48 pilot

#100 pilot air

1 turn

EKP#3 (#4 if it hesitates)

#170 main


what? are you kidding? that was so close i got roosted!! eric gorr eat your heart out! thanks a lot!

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