XR50 for kids...??

You are all talking about the XR50 for adult use ....!

Are there actually "kids" riding these bikes?

I am planning on buying an XR50 -02 for my 6 year old son, he is an absolute beginner (almost like his father). Would you recomend this bike for a kid?

I am not telling this to my wife, but if he doesnt like it I am going for some Fast50s improvement, and then guess who is going to ride the thing ...!

This is my first topic on thumpertalk, great site, been watching you for some time now.

Thanks Jan


KTM400 -02 "best there is...."

I've heard of some kids on here and other places that ride 50's. It really is a kiddie bike all stock but, when do all kinds of modifactions to it then it gets to be kinda an adults bike. You could still do some engine mods for the bike and still be able to have him ride it. Like exhaust and airfilter to start. I dont own a 50 ( :) ) so you might want to talk to someone else about this. I do know a little bit though because im interested in them, Hope this helps a little. Welcome to thumpertalk! :D

jan, the xr50 is perfect for your 6 year old, with the stock throttle assebly you have all kinds of room to govern it and let him learn to ride, the little thumper has lots of torque to pull him around in first whaile he gets the feel for the bike and then you can open him up a littl and start him shifting gears. If he is riding a bicycle already he should have no problems.

The XR50 is perfect for kids. I bought my 5 year old one last spring. He still struggles a little with shifting and braking, but has a great time on the bike. He even can get a little air on the mini track where I live!

hey jan not to try to sell you but to give you info our tag line to our business is "ADULT Tested... KID Approved!" So email us with any ?'s ok? Take care!! -Fast50s.com \

@ info@fast50s.com

Here's a list of reasons I went with the XR50 after looking at Yamaha and Suzuki products. (edited from a previous post of mine).

I bought my son an XR50 when he just turned 4 (big for his age) and he's been riding for about two years now. I researched a few bikes and here's some features I really liked about the Honda compared to the others.

1. Honda has a foot rear brake. Others have only hand brakes. A kid's hands aren't especially brawny and pulling a hand brake lever especially after a crash or two has packed the cable with grit, can be hard. This way my son can simply stomp on the big lever and lock the bike up. In my opinion, safer. Plus, some kids in a panic might grab the front brake instead of the rear brake if both are on the handlebars. Trust me, kids panic and get confused from time to time. (Every dad knows this)

2. The 50 has a 3 speed tranny with auto-clutch. You get the best of both worlds. When the kid's first getting used to throttle/brake, simply put the bike in 2nd gear and forget about it. They'll ride all day long without needing to know about shifting. You can even start these things in gear. Typically if my boy crashes, he simply picks the bike up, starts it (in gear) and takes off. Until he learned about shifting, that was the method he used. Maybe not the best for the tranny/clutch but you'll wear out kids faster than you could wear out this bike. These bikes are amazing. When they mature a little, introduce them to shifting.

3. The bike's a 4 stroke instead of the 2 stroke Yamaha was offering at the time. Forget about fouling plugs, mixing oil, injector failure, whatever. The motor puts out plenty of low end muscle for beginners and practically MAKES GAS. Gas up in the morning and the kids can ride non-stop all weekend and still have a full tank on the way home.

4. Cool Factor. Let's face it, kids want to look cool. Who wouldn't? Inverted forks, tank shrouds, spoked wheels, and color themes all combine to make the bike look like Dad's CR.

5. Resale value. I don't plan on selling this bike, because 10 kids couldn't wear it out, and I've got plenty of kids in my family that I'll pass the bike on to. We've still got the 1970 QA 50 I learned on as a kid and it runs. But if you buy a Cycle Trader, you'll see the used Honda XR50's are going for close to the new price.

Bottom line. Buy one. Your kid will love you, and you won't regret it. Yes - There are a FEW kids riding these things.

I've got both a 1999 PW50 and a 2002 XR50 for my boys. Here's what I've noticed and why I'd go with the Honda.

1. The XR is bigger than the PW so it's better for older kids.

2. The XR is way better made and can handle adults without damage. The PW is questionable as far as putting an adult on and riding around.

3. The XR has a lot of torque even with the throttle limited and the engine braking slows the bike when the kids let off. The PW barely moves with the throttle limiting screw inserted and if you back it off too much, it gains too much speed and free wheels.

4. The PW has an annoying Start/Run/Stop switch on the bars that does not work when wet. I've had to blow it out with a compressor so the bike will start.

5. Tons more hop ups for the XR than the PW.

6. The XR just takes gas, the PW needs to have the oil injection tank filled occasionally.

Other than that, they both hold their value extremely well and buying a used one is almost not worth the hassle unless you find a very good deal.

I bought the PW50 first because my older son was still very small and now I wish I had 2 XR50's.

Kids ride these things???

I'm trying to decide what to get my kids for a first bike. I have a 6 yr old and an 8 yr old. They seem to want a quad but I like 2 wheels better ( I have an XR250R). First, would an XR50 be too small for the 8 yr old? Second, is the XR70 the same as the 50 w/ more power? Third, am I being selfish if I decide to start them on 2 wheels instead of 4?

There are people over 6 feet tall riding these things and yes the XR70 has more power and they are completely different bikes though. The 70 is about the middle between a XR50 and XR80 for size.

And mostly your not selfish you'll have a blast on it too (probably you'll sell your XR250 and get one for yourself).

4 wheelers are boring except in the snow.

I'd keep them on 2 wheels. The nice thing is when they fall, usually the bike stops. On a 4-wheeler, it keeps going and can roll over them or run them over. My son's friend has a 4-wheeler for their son and he just got run over and had 15 stitches in his hand. Not the best way to keep the wife convinced that riding is a good thing.

The XR50 would be borderline but probably fine for an 8 year old. The XR70 would be too big for a 6 year old. The XR70 is just like the 50 with a little more power but it is physically larger.

My wife didn't think either 50 that I bought was actually for the kids. I do ride the XR more than my boys do, it's too much fun.

Well, if adults are riding them, I'm guessing that an 8 yr old beginner would have fun. What's the weight limit anyway?

I'm 6'3 225lbs.....would I do it harm?

If you try to do jumps yes you'll bend the soft frame.

but there are after market stuff to make it more suited to grown-ups (frames,suspension and MORE POWER!).

What are the main differences? both have auto clutch. Can you govern throttle on the XR70? foot brakes?

There pretty much the same in that way 3spd auto clutch, foot brake etc just bigger.

Thanx for all the answers! As supposed this IS a great forum!

I think I go red for this christmas!

Ride safe! Have fun!!


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