MX riding the 07...

anyone else out there do it? i was just wondering how or if you can keep up with the mx guys... i can go pretty fast at the track but there are a few jumps into corners that i always roll because i don't think (and i know on a couple) that i could slow my bike down enough to make it around. can you guys plant the bike into corners hard or am i just asking to much from the WR?

any one have after market brakes or rotors and would this help me get stopped on the track or cause me just to lock up and slide?

I don't think the rear brake is the problem here. Are you thinking of going to a 280mm front rotor? That would help a bunch.

BTW I don't think the stopping issues you're having are limited to the trail 450s, I've seen alot of dudes with 450 MXers have oversized rotors on the front. These things build momentum so fast in certain sitiuations its hard to get them slowed down with brakes essentially identical to what comes on a 250f.

yeah... maybe the 280 is what i should get, that thing takes a while to slow down after a big jump.

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