New rider needs help

I just bought an 06 YZ450F. It is leaking oil only when it runs at or near the breather pipe next to the dipstick. I tightened the hose on the pipe which made no improvement. I searched the forums but don't see anything that matches this problem.

How should I correct this? Would replacing the breather pipe or hose be step one? Is the breather pipe prone to leaking, easy to replace?

What would cause oil to leak out the breather pipe? Something blocked or a problem with the bike?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much.

Be certain you have not overfilled the engine by incorrectly draining the oil, or by failing to run the engine before checking the dipstick. The YZ450 is a dry sump system, and the volume where oil is added is not the one where the oil is stored in operation, or where the dipstick is. Read the manual carefully.

(Don't have one? : )

You should also remove the hose from both ends and be sure it is clear. Attach a fresh piece of hose to the fitting at the oil tank (next to the dip stick) and remove the dip stick. Be sure air will flow freely through the fitting and out. Next, attach the hose to the fitting at the right crankcase cover and remove the fill cap. Air should flow through here as well.

If both these check out OK, the hose may simplt be cut at or near the clamp, and a new piece will fix it.

Thanks grayracer513! Now all I need is for someone to get me out of work so I can go play with the bike.

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