oversized front rotor? any opinions?

I am wondering if anyone has any opinions or thoughts on an oversized front rotor kit for a newer YZ ( I ride an 08 450).



If you want a stronger front brake, they work.

I've never tried one on a YZ, but I did install one on a KTM (20mm oversize), and the brake had quite a bit more stopping power.

Do you want better, higher performing brakes that work much better with less effort? I did. And this is why I settled after much research on Brakings Wave Rotor 270mm Front brake kit with Braking pads. I also coupled it with a Stainless steel Galfer line and Motul fluid. Now my brakes are the best I have ever used. I even swapped the rear rotor out for Braking Wave rotors and Braking pads with another SS line. :thumbsup:

i have a stainless front line on my 07 450. that alone made a noticable difference

I have a 260mm braking front rotor on mine. I like it, though it isn't a huge improvement over the stock 250mm set up. It is a little stronger and more controlled though. If you want the most braking power go with the 270mm kit, or even EBC's 280mm kit.

So with those bigger rotors, do you guys ever clank (a very descriptive term) them on rocks? That is one worry I have riding off road.

i have one of the ebc 280mm ones on my 250 2 stroke yz and always rode bush and never hit. made braking alot easier for me becuase i have a habbit of riding with one finger resting on the front brake and then when it comes to braking using only 1 or 2 fingers and thats when you notice the difference.. its noticably better probably more for fast and hard braking in racing but then again your not going to stop on the spot

I ride( or at least try to:thumbsup: ) on my toes alot, and have never been a back brake user. Coming from a KTM, the yamaha front brake just doesnt have the strength of the KTM, or the initial bite. I seem to have to use 2 fingers( KTM I used one) and still dont slow as fast as I would like. I am looking for that strength and bite as good or better than a KTM, but in a controllable way so I dont skid and tuck the front end. I am aslo looking for a little less input at the lever to have increased strength if possible. I understand there will be a compromise, but different oversized front rotor companies build different setups, some with a mushy feel at the lever and some with a very firm feel, you get the point. I read over the oversized front rotor test in the June 2008 issue of Dirt rider( yes I know its for a honda) and they seem to be the most impressed with the Braking 270mm kit and the EBC 280mm kit. Can I expect similar results on a yami?

Also, price can come into play, where can I find some good deals on oversized rotor kits?

Thanks for the help!

Hi, i just ordered a 270mm Braking rotor with adapter and pads for my 07 250F. I'm also dreaming of a real one finger brake. So i hope it is the right way. I will give feedback when i run it the first time. Look at BTO Sports, i think it is a good price.

ok let me know how that works for ya!


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