The sharkfin worked great. jekelette is pleased. Got the KDX going today (New top end, pipe, etc,etc). Started 2nd kick and I imediately looped it out, breaking the new rear fender. then put the fin on Elaine's TTR, played on it for a while. then went to start mine and no real compression. Now I get to see what is wrong with it :) Went over to the trails for a minute and saw your truck, but I guess you were out having fun. hope your ride was good.

Hey Jekel,

Glad it fit up smoothly and sorry to hear about the loop out. Everytime I ride a wheelie (albeit a short one) I have the thought in the back of my head that I might do that. Not to mention I have seen several people do it and it dosent look fun for the tailbone.

Had a great ride with Jason from KC and some of his friends. Real nice guys. Sorry we didnt get to hook up, mabye next time.



Darin, great to have met/rode w/you. We will have to keep in touch and allow for more ride time together. If we come that way, it is usually at least 3-4 of us. Pat,Jim and myself had a blast, that Chadwick is just awesome! Hook up w/Rick C. when you can, as close as you guys are to the place, should be able to get plenty of seat time in. We packed it up about 430pm and on the road by 5, rolled into KC at 815pm...ahh nothing like a good day of biking w/friends. Take care, see ya on the next ride. Jason


We will definatly keep in touch. Of corse, you know you can always find me here :)

Does Rick ride every weekend or just when you guys come down?

Who does he normally ride with when you guys are not around? Just wondering if I might know anyone else he rides with.

Let me know when you head back this way again.

(I wish you were a Chiefs fan so I could score some tickets! :D )

[ May 28, 2002: Message edited by: MOmilkman ]

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