I just failed sound test with myTA pipe - HELP!!!!

I just got back from Metcalf this morning, I went to get my TA pipe and "quiet inserts" tested. Here's how it went:

TA, just repacked - 105dba

TA W/ pro mot billet silent insert - 103.5

TA w/ homemade vortip/sputter tip - 100

IF you have been following the posts on the 250f side they have been using the homemade vortip in a PMB end cap and dropping from 101 to 91dba. I made the same type of design and only dropped about 5dba.

Has anyone had their TA pipe sound tested at hollister because 105 base seems kind of high to me. I thought that I read that others have been tested at 101. If that were the case, the vortip insert would have brought me down to 96dba. I just wonder about the standardization of testing methods and equipment irregularities.

Has anyone contacted Bob Murray at TA to see what he thinks about bringing the sound down on this pipe?

Any help or I deas would be appreciated!!!!!!!!!!

I have a baffle here off of the 426 if you want it :):D

Did you use a downpipe with your homemade vortip? It helps -but something doesn't add up - the unplugged wr426's go from 102 +/- to 90 +/- with a commercial vortip - did you use three small 1/2" inside tubes or two 3/4" ?- the smaller tubes provide more sound reduction. Did you vary the different lengths of each inside tube? I would revisit your vortip design and try again - they have worked so far if done right.

Is there instructions somewhere on how to build a Vor Tip??

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