Straighten a bent rotor?

I have a 08 450 and the rear rotor is bent somehow

Has anyone had any luck trying to fix them if so how


I would go broke if I replaced my rotors everytime I bent them!

I use a large adjustable wrench and snug it up on the bent part and slowly bend it back...working the entire length of the bend. Do a little at a time until it is straight.

^^^ Same here, the adjustable wrench trick works well ... I also color the rotor up a little bit with a Sharpie (permanent) marker to help accent the bad spots ... Just keep tweaking it until it runs nice and smooth through the pads, and take your time ...

+3 on the crescent wrench.

i've only used a crecent wrench. it did a pretty decent job

Yeah i tried it and it worked well I see that a new rotor is 75 bucks

so if it gets bent again ill probably get a new one

Thanks dudes

I am not fond of the wave rotor Yamaha put on the rear. The front is great but I have seen a lot of rears that seem to be bent and have had to put different rotors on more than one bike to keep the brake from overheating and fading. I know of at least 3 bikes like this but they are all of the really fast kind of riders on them.

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