Dodger, What the Heck? Little Arch?

Dodger, Love the photo on the TT screensaver. But how did you do this? Walking on the arch is spooky enough!

Did you loop towards to right or Just turn around? :)

Look forward to your reply....

Hey Pedman,

Yeah, that's quite a line, pretty scarry but not really that hard. You can punch it straight up the hill (never actually done it, looks pretty easy though), or toilet bowl it around to the right. The trick is to keep your line just above the white line that extends above the bowl. That line freaks the hell out of me........sure is fun though :)!!

***There's a crappy little video of my buddy Ed doing the line on my website, my site's kinda bandwidth intensive though***


Dodger :D :D

Dude that ROCKS, :)

Here is another question that I have to ask. There is a place right at the Arch where most people will park, a few will ride down to the bottom, but directly west is a wall and if you look at it you can see where a few people have climbed up it. I have seen a couple of bikes look at it hard then walk away only dreaming.

Have to ask, if your bold enough to go across the arch have you done the wall? :D

And for those that are reading this wondering what the heck. Help me out here Dodger. On the left is a 500'+/- ledge and on the right is a 200' +/- ledge. With a hole in the middle, one of the most beautiful site at Moab Utah.

Well worth the visit if your ever in Utah!!! :D

Yeah, I know the wall your talking about, and no, I've never tried it. It's fricken TALL :D!! I'll keep looking at it though, and maybe one of these trips I'll get that tackled.

The arch itself is 800ft down to the road, and a good 60 feet or so drop into the hole......theres another guy on here that showed me pictures of somebody getting their KTM winched out of there :).........that would suck! Here's a couple different angles of the arch.........





Dodger :D :D

Hey Dodger,

Where in Moab is that arch? I go there several times/year. Not sure if I'd ride it though. Heights like that kinda freak me out :)---like riding some of the Bookcliffs in Grand Junction.

It is 'Little Arch' and it's just off the the Poison Spider Mesa trail. I almost saw a jeep endo coming down that hill you are riding up a few years ago.

Dodger: You da MAN!

Bryan in Denver...


Yes it is off of Poison Spider :D

Its actually a great spot to watch all of the motorheads in their rock climbers tackle Moab Rim on the other side. :)

Dodger, not sure whats happening, but not seeing the pictures.

I saw little arch for the first time this past weekend. Rode down to it and stood next to the hole. As I was looking at the arch, I remembered seeing the photo of you crossing the arch on your bike. I thought to myself...Dodger is a crazy motherf%#*$*!! :)

What's up with your website? I gotta see some footage of your buddy riding across it.

You CAN climb that face on the west side of the arch...someone riding with me did it...although BARELY made it up. If you stall or simply just lose momentum, your arse will be sliding all the way back down with your bike quickly following! I'll be passing on that action...


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