MSO and Vermont

Im checking out the process for getting plates for my bike. As for the MSO, can anyone tell me if I would have gotten this from the dealer when I bought my bike or do I have to go back and ask for it?


Any kind of motor vehicle purchase requires that they give you some sort of ownership proof. You are dead without it in VT.

Not sure how they do it in Cali, but you should have gotten something.

I got a plate through vermont for my zy two months ago. You kneed to send them your bill of sale-(whatever shop sold you the bike will have given you some sort of reciept) and your cali pink slip. you also need to get a vin verification(i got mine from the DMV) and fill out the registration from from Vt.(get it from the vermont dmv wegsite) as well as a check for about 32.50. 2-3 weeks later you get a plate and registration and a few weeks later you get a vermont title.

Hope this helps


Cool. thats what I was wondering. I do have the contract/recept that they give you. Im waiting for my pink slip now from the DMV. Sounds like after I get that I'll be all set.

Did you go straight to AAA to transfer to Cali plates or are you still running the vermont plates?

You Dealer has the "Certificate of Origin" that Yamaha shipped with the bike....Tell them to give it up. More than likely it's in the file they created on you when you purchased your ride. Most dealers hold the Certificate if the bike has been financed, until paid off.

Bonzai :)

I'm waiting on insurance to kick in so i don't get busted if i get pulled over. My AAA agent is coming on thursday and he is a harley guy and understands my quest to register an '01 off road bike. He said he will see what he can do regarding transfer of title.

I know that i will need to give them the vermont title and it hasen't come in the mail yet. The lady at the Vt. DMV said there were some delays and it will be here in about two weeks. One of the guys at fourstrokesonly told me that if i wasn't able to get a cali plate they(California) had no recourse to take my Vt. plate.

We shall see in a couple of weeks.


Please keep us updated when you talk to AAA.

As for your Vermont plate, did you mean you would or would not be able to keep it if the Ca. plate fails?


The guy said that California would not have the recourse to take a plate away from a vehicle registered in another state.

He said Califronia should have no problem transfering a street title but if for some reason (i.e. the vin came up dirt only)and they did not issue a cali plate a fixit ticket could only be issued for an out of state plate if you were pulled over. We shall see.

The dealer probably submitted the MSO when the titled & red stickered your bike. The MSO is basically the 'title' prior to an individual buying the bike and then title/registering per the state.

The only problem you might have with the Vermont plate is if you get pulled over and the cop is an ass. If you have a CA drivers license the cop may write you up for an improperly registered vehicle. CA has to get all their tax dollars you know.... I've been ticketed twice for improperly registered vehicles - my trucks - and the ticket was dismissed by the traffic court judge. Both tickets were from CHP officers, not local PD or Sheriffs. And, yes both times I was pulled over soley because of the out of state plates. The officers said they'd seen me too many times.....


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