Need muffler for 03 WR450 I know there's one out there

I need a muffler for my 03 WR450, mine has rotted out. I'd like an after market one that's pretty quiet with spar arrestor. Don't what to spend for a new one for this bike. email or call at 206-915-9189

hey I have an 05' WR 450 and changed out my exhaust I still have my stock header and silencer from my bike that was only on for a couple months its like new I took the spark arrestor out while trying to improve performance when I first got it and I may have lost the spark arrestor but I'm pretty sure its around here somewhere. I know the pipe is still setting on the shelf in the garage if you're interested and if you think it will fit let me know we'll figure something out.

Get a stock Wr pipe from an 05 or 06 they work great and are lighter than yours. Plus you should find one in a good dollar range.

I'll check to see if it fits, let me know if you find the spark arrestor. my head pipe id fine if it's the right size for the muffler, I'll check on that too. jim

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