WR 450 Suspension

I have an 05' WR 450 the forks have started to leak I'm trying to decide if I can do it myself or if I need someone to do it. I've done a set of yz 80 forks when I was a teenager and they turned out ok, I usually do all of my own work and never run into much trouble but I'm just not sure if there are special tools required or if its easy to screw up. I have the owners manual and it looks fairly self explainatory. how hard is it? is it cost effective and is it hard to readjust to current settings after rebuild? also is there anything I can do to improve performance while i have them tore down? any help would be appreciated

If its just a leaky seal, then do it yourself.

When i was curious about forks, I bought the service video from www.motopowervideo.com

it will show you absolutely everything that you need to do and only costs about $25 bucks. They have a video specifically for the 48mm Kayaba's which come on the 05 wr450 (like I have)

Yeah, you can do it. You should probably be able to find a video about it on you tube.

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