CAn anyone please explain to me firstly, how they work (technically) and what the effect is?

they are a small expantion chamber. they help smooth out the pulsing exhaust . this lets the pipe flow a little more.

They do work. I have had both on my 07. I had the powerbomb first, until it had a disagreement with a rock, and then I got the megabomb. The power difference between the powerbomb and stock is pretty big, but the difference between the mega and powerbomb is not as drastic.

They also have the benefit of lowering exhaust db's as well as adding a bit of power.


I want to improve bottom-end as well as reduce noise and I was told that a FMF Q4 with a Megabomb header to my 09 WR450 will do that.

Do you know if this header will block acces to oil filter?

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