Right Bike!!bad Tire Choice!!

:thumbsup: last ride i had was a tt on a flat grass paddock. it had rained bucket loads the night before.i ride a 02 YZF426.when i got to the track the grass was about afoot long. it was like a ice skateing ring!i had dunlop D739 both ends.it was shocking had no grip.my 5 year old son could have bet me with his EYES CLOSED!! anyone else have a BAD tire choice STORY!!CHEERS!!

about every ride I ever had on a Dunlop 739 was a terrible ride.....that tire only works on dry hardpack with very little loam. If there is any moisture..you are going to get zero grip. IMO the worse tire choice for all around dirt conditions......:thumbsup:

yes i wont be doing that again in a hurry.

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