Can an old timing chain cause a ticking noise?

I've had my bike (06 yz450) for about 2 full years now, and I reshimmed a few months ago so I don't think thats the culprit. My timing chain is still stock though, can that cause a ticking noise? The noise is present at idle and seems to follow the engine rpm.

I've searched threads about this and it seems that its ok for yamahas to be loud sometimes, but I just started noticing this ticking about 5 rides or so ago. The bike runs great and starts easy. Let me know what you guys think...

ok let me ask a slightly easier question, after 2 years of use is it imperative that i change my timing chain or can i just keep :thumbsup:

you should change it every year.. 14 bucks is cheap insurance.. but the ticking could be a number or things.. (mostly common in the yzf motors).. best bet is to compare bikes and noises. if anything sounds out of wack then you may have a problem..

have u recently installed a skid plate??

Is the noise at idle, or under a load?

In gear, or out?

I dont have a skid plate.

The noise is there at idle (its the most obvious at idle) but its also there when im riding it (under load)

So if i replace the timing chain and check the valves again while im in there is that a safe enough bet that if i do those my bike is ok to go??

If you think it's an unusual noise, I'd get it looked at, or compare it with a like unit. The '06 is uncomfortably noisy at times, but it doesn't hurt to check.

The timing chain could have a couple of bad links that would make noise. One of the characteristics of such a noise would be that it is out of sync with the engine, since the chain won't make a full revolution each time the engine or cams do, and it runs over 3 sprockets.

Sounds like the valve clearance is too loose causing the ticking sound, re-check your valve clearances.

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