Will a yz450 carburetor fit a yz400

I have recently purchased a 98 yz400f and have cleaned the carberator. I can't seem to get the lag out of the off idle throttle. I am considering a newer style yz carb or an edlebrock. It is much cheaper to go with a used Keihin carb off a newer bike. Does anyone know or have any experience with this swap?

It seems to me there have been some people do this. Use the advanced search and see if you can find something on it.

Thanks for the input. Now after reading that thread, more question come to mind. It can't be that much shorter, how much? I know I have some play in the boot but I don't want to put too much stress that would cause it to slip off or come loose while riding. Have you had any problems? Also the intake side has a slot to center the carb upright is there any conflict with the newer carb? I sure would like all the features of a new carb, any input would be greatly appreciated.

It will line-up/bolt right up with the existing engine side boot. As far as stretching the air box boot we are talking about 1/4-1/2 inch (maybe less). You will need the correct throttle cables, hot start cable and handle-bar lever. That's it. I've had absolutely no issues thus far.

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