header pipe damage

I had a pretty bad crash and the header pipe seemed to take the main impact when the bike landed on it. Its off a 06 yzf450 anniversary model, the bomb is how they come in euro trim in case your wondering. Anyway I would like to know if you think this would be fixable by a decent welder/fitter who knows what hes doing, before I go and fork out for a new front pipe. Cheers guys

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Im not sure about ur pipe but if you go to the tech tip section theres an article on fixing it by filling full of water and freezing it. It apparantly works, but im not sure if it will work for yours, check it out.

yeah cheers, ive read that but I just presumed it would'nt work on mine as it seems to be creased rather than just dented ?

yeah it is possible with a skilled person using the proper equipment. I'd suggest getting an FMF header

had one almost that bad. It took 8 or 10 times in the freezer but came out very well and its back on the bike.

ive read up on the freezing, but might seem stupid but what do I plug either end with ? I was experimenting and my exhaust bung seems to seal one end pretty well. I read about corks, looking at the extent of the damage I don't think the freeze method will work, ive been busy with work so not able to take it to a machinest yet to see if they can do anything with it.

Normally, you need not plug either end. Just fill it and stand it up in the freezer. In your case, since the dent is so near the end of the pipe, I might be tempted to plug the inlet end only. Don't plug both ends.

I've used the freezer method many times with good success. I'm not sure how it will work for your type of damage as it looks like your pipe is actually twisted. It can't hurt to try it though, since your pipe is junk as it sits now.

Try freezing it, it works great. It took me about 5 trys, but my pipe is like new.

I too had the same if not a little bit more damage. I tried the feezer with plugs that I use in my pool for the winter. I left it there all night and it really didn't help that much. I think you are going to have to by a new one sorry. I purchased the DR. D pipe and header and was happy i damaged my stock because I never would have forked over the money. Now I know what I was missing. Good luck!

I tried the feezer ... I left it there all night and it really didn't help that much.
The freezer trick requires multiple re-freezes to completely remove stuff like that.

just get a new header like i did

cheap on ebay i got mine 4

Just try the freezer trick first - and you DO need multiple freezes - water will only expand so much when it becomes ice, and push it a little at a time.

right well I can't get to a welder until saturday due to work so going to try freezing it, anyone got any ideas what I could use to plug the end ? was going to use my exhaust bung but it dosent seal tight enough. cheers for all your input fellas.

you should not hace to seal it - anything you use will likely get pushed out from the ice anyways. Just fill the U only and try to keep it out of the bomb, a bit won't matter in the bomb, but a full bomb is no good and may bust.

Before I found out about the freezing method I had a guy with a torch ,some plugs and compressed air,heat the dent and blow it out ,pretty involved I realize but effective.

i bought a new header on ebay for 120 bucks. But the freezer trick works wonders.

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