Looking for a new bike to replace my 01 klx 250

Hey all. I currently own an 01 klx 250. The only mods i've done is uncork the exhaust. After the first week of riding i realised how gutless this bike was. It just didn't have the power to suit me. My mate came over on his 98 suzuki dr350 and we went for a ride along a few dirt roads. i just couldn't keep up. It was really quite embarressing as he asked me why i was going so slow i told him the bike doesn't go any faster and he just laughed at me. I ride my klx on roads as i have a motorbike license and i have alot of trouble overtaking cars on the highways. Going up a hill with a bit of wind i slow down to 80k/ph. So i have to move to the left lane to let all the cars overtake me. really annoys me.

I don't wanna make the same mistake and buy another bike like this. I want something with A LOT more power. I was looking into getting a new xr650 but it would cost too much to insure because it is over 600ccs.

Now i have been thinking about buying a WR 426. How is the power with this bike. Will it keep up with my mates dr350, have enough speed to overtake cars without struggling and maintain atleast 120k/ph up a hill without slowing down?


the WR400/426,

DRZ Suzuki's,




would SMOKE the DRZ350.

I think the DRZ350 puts out < 20 bhp...

all the bikes listed above are > 35 bhp.

Yeah dude,

Like NH Kevin says, any listed above will do you just fine. If you want an opion on the 426, it's a hell of a bike, period. Just checking, 'cause I'm not sure form what you wrote above, but be honest with yourself on what your going to need your bike for. I would recommend the WR426 to anyone who planned on doing some scramble or even track racing, or some great trail riding, but probably not recommend it as a daily commuter. You know what I mean?

On the insurance for a XR650, how much more anually does a +600cc bike cost over one of 600cc or less?? I currently pay $185 anuallly for full coverage on my scoot, and that's at Colorado rates! I guess I would just be curious.

You'd love this bike dude. You wan'a pass cars going up hill, yup! You want to smoke a DR350, yup yup!! :) Good smooth power, says it all.

Dodger :D:D

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Hey. registration fees for any motorbike 600cc or under for a year is $243. any bike over 600 cc costs $500 a year so thats why i don't want to buy an xr 650

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