2008 yz450f bog in the whoops...

I just picked up my 2008 yz450f limited edition two days ago... I took it out and it has pretty good power... Well for a 155 pound rider like me... It ran just great for the first 20 minutes or so... Then It got really hot... I live in vegas so it's 110 degrees but Whenever i'd hit a bump or two it would bog and almost die... Then I took it through the whoops and it died...:p Keep in mind I was only in second gear half throttle though so it's not like i was beating the hekk out of it before it's broken in... I'm coming off of my 250 two stroke so i'm kinda confused...:thumbsup: Some of my friends say that it's just jetting but i am not sure and was wonderin if you have any tips????

110 is hot, in houston i see 100 at the most and h avent had any problems like that...id check jetting and go from there...what type of gas are you running?

That heat is high - it could be the jetting and/or in need of float adjustment. Does it cough out in air or landings? I suggest more saddle/breakin time and turn up the idle screw a bit

I'm runnig shell v power premium...

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