wr426 street legal in Texas ?

Does anybody know if you can make a wr426 street legal in texas if you have a horn and mirror? Does the wr have high and low beam and brake lights...I dont think you have to have turn signals just have to light up license plate. Help please if anybody has done this.

Thanks Bill

its so simple, but it has to pass the state vehicle inspection. Once you have the paper from the inspector, then go to the tax office and pay your money and get your plate. so simple.....

I guess I didnt make myself clear...what are the requirements in Texas and what changes would I have to make to the bike?

Anyone in Texas know?


hey btray... I ran in to a guy at a riding area here in the panhandle. he was on a plated crf450x so i asked him how he got that done. He said a baja design light kit to get the hi-lo beam, a horn, but i don't remember what he got it off of, a brake light, tag light, and a mirror. He said after that and a state inspection sticker and about 600.00 at the tax office it was plated.

I did not think you could get that done with an "offroad" only title, but his was plated. He lived in a small town, dumas, but i would think the regs would be the same state wide. He said he rides it every day.....

....after that and a state inspection sticker and about 600.00 at the tax office it was plated.

Is $600 alot to get plated? I'm looking at a couple different bikes i want to street ride, both are offroad use only. Is it always that expensive to get one plated?

i guess, I really did not pin him down on that amount, but that is what he said. I have run into him a couple of times riding here and will try to nail down that amount next time i see him.

the other problem i see is tires and the fact most of those bikes don't get that great of fuel mileage, but i would think it would be a blast to ride one.

I would suspect that somehow the sales price was somewhere in his paper work when he went to tag it, indicating an amount that they taxed him on. When you buy a used vehicle in Texas they ask what was the sale price and they tax you on what you say or what the bill of sale indicates. That's why I'm asking, to see if their are any hidden cost when registering for the first time or changing names on title. Thanks for all of your imput.

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