rebuild jokers

hey, i live in greece now but as my wr400 engine let go last year,i sent it back to dps racing in yorkshire, asked them to have a look and give me estimate to fix, so after payin £450 for recon crank ,bearins, cam chain etc, i get it back only to discover when i get it back together i only have 3 gears!! who the hell :p:thumbsup: would split the cases and not check the selector forks or gears?? so it`s gonna have to come back out already, any advice on what could be wrong ??i`m sure it`s the same crank too as it was all different colors near the con rod bearing, they not all like that are they ?


Yes, all the cranks are blued - it's a result of having to heat the crank to seat the big end pin.

I would hazzard to guess they put a fork in backwards.

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