Photos of the BITD Vegas 200

Guys, last weekend I race the "Best in the Desert" Vegas 200. This was the last race of the season. I had a really fun time riding the WR this weekend, it worked flawlessly. I couldn't get the number one plate this year, I'll have to settle for number 2. Maybe that WR450 will be the extra edge that I'm looking for. :)

Click on the link below:

cheers, Dan

Nice photos Dan! And congradulations on your finish. 01 would be a lot more fun, but 02 is not too shabby either. A couple of buddies and I are very interested in catching an event in the BITD series next year, so we might be looking you up! Again, good luck, and thanks for the photos.


Thanks for the Photos!!

Congrats to the whole family.

Your 2nd overall for the season and your brother Steve for winning his class at the event.

And of course say hi to your Dad for me.

Nice pics Dan!

In case you don't remember, we met at the Mex300 (post race).

Last Wednesday I was actually thinking about throwing together a bike and playing in the desert with you guys (Rick D. and yourself, Chris B. is too fast). But then better sense prevailed.

Drop me a line, maybe we can hook up for a fun ride sometime.

Tim Morton

Thats killer Dan. Congrats on the #2 plate!

Where exactly is the race held?

Nice pictures Dan, Thanks! :D:):D


Thanks for your pics of this years events.

I can't wait to see next years race pics.


Dan, thanks for the pictures. That's way cool about your brother finishing first! Next year we'll plan ahead more so I can make it. That just looks like way too much fun. :)

Congratulations Dan and Brother ! That race looked awesome. Thanks for sharing the pictures. One of these days I will have to attempt that. Way to go.


Guys, Thanks for all the kind words.... If any of you are interested in racing with the BITD people let me know...

Where exactly is the race held?

Street, The race was held in Jean Nevada (State line) off Hwy 15.

See Ya,


Before I busted myself up I was looking forward to racing a few desert events. Oh well. Looks like a totally good time. Thanks Dan for sharing the Pics.


Way to go Dan! I'm sending in my entry for the Adelanto Gp, you'll be there right?

P.S.- I dig your specialized racing gloves!!!! :)


I'll look you up in Adelento. Please remember to look for #125 or #110 (they'll probably assign us different numbers eh?) Your picture gallery is the best! PM me so I can give you greater details on hooking up with us at Adelento. I'm bring about six or seven AZ desert racers to have some fun.

I dig your specialized racing gloves!!!!

Good eye Mike!!! They worked great and they were 10 bucks......

Dez, We'll see you out there.....

Personaly I don't care too much for the course. In my opinion it's a long whooped out fire road with a lame MX track mixed in. But still it's better than sitting at home watching the Lakers loose another game.


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