2003 YZ450 quietest exhaust w/o killing power?

Can't believe I'm asking this generic of a question...I know better but I feel compelled. Don't flame too much...

I have a completely stock (and nearly new) 03 450 except the Thunder Alley slip on w/ sparky. I love the sound and hard-hitting power but absolutely hate the noise. Stock exhaust was a fine setup too..again way too loud. I've tried the TA quiet insert but it destroyed the power, so I'm now in the market for a slip on, or stock muffler insert, or full system with USFS aproved spark arrestor.

I want it fully legal in Washington State, which I think is 98Db and I don't want to lose any power or drastically shift the power band around. As I said I like the "savage beast" power of the 03 engines.

I've searched around the forum but there is not good, or recent, info that is easily found on the 03 motors. I found the dirtrider.com shootout, but all of those pipes are 103dB. Anyone have specific experience with the 03?

Please only respond if you have experience with an 03 450 as they have very different motors than other years.

Think of the small woodland creatures that will benefit from your wisdom and helping me shut the :thumbsup: thing up!

Thunder Alley pipes are the loudest pipes made......anything will be better than this. You should post this over on the WR side - they have figured out ways to keep squirrels from hearing bikes

DRD stainless systems are built to a target point of the AMA 99db limit, and are said to pass that at 97-98 with fresh repacking. Sparkys can be added for $15. They are a performance exhaust, and will do anything but kill the power, even though they are vastly quieter than a Thunder Alley.

If that's not quiet enough, an FMF Q4 may be what you want. It won't add any power, but you won't lose any either, and they are quieter.

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