OTD prices in MI

edit - I should add, I'm looking at a WR450F

I know your probably sick of these threads, I see them all the time on the DRZ forum... I did try searching but I didn't see much related to MI prices. [i also know the region you are in is the only way you can truly compare prices.]

My local dealer wouldn't even give me a price... says they are $700 off right now. [i hate the dealer even more after today]

Basically, I want to walk into a dealer with a rock solid OTD price I'm willing to pay and walk if he won't meet that price. I don't want to beat him dry, but the worst feeling in the world is to get mistreated by a salesguy only to find out later you got had.

So, in MI you pay for the bike + 6% sales tax and about 15 or so in title fees.

What should my bottom line OTD price be? High 6's? Low 7's... is there any chance dealers will go into the Mid 6's?

So...if your dealer said they are $700.00 off right now, and MSRP on the 2008 WR450f is $7199.00, that would put the price at $6499.00, plus a few hundred in taxes and fees.

OTD Cyclesports out here in California is quoting $6699.00 as an OTD price, and it's very rare that any other dealer in California beats their prices. You should get a deal at least that good, and I would expect something better. For whatever reason, bikes tend to sell for less in the Midwest than they do in California, but you probably knew that already.

I also would expect the price to drop at least another couple of hundred bucks as August/September gets closer and the '09s are released. A buddy of mine picked up an '07 WR450f last September for $6200.00 OTD, but it was the last one on the dealers floor, and he almost lost it to another potential buyer.

How many '08s does your dealer have? If its a few, it may be in your interest to wait a few weeks.

This dealer only had one bike... my friends just told me that I should go for 6,600 out the door. I think that seems fair to both sides.

Call roseville powersports in michigan, metro detroit area. They have 2007 & 2008 wr450's. Ask for kristen for your best otd price. ph.# 586-859-2600

Got my 2007 WR450f from U-Win motorcycle shop in Ludington for $6,200 OTD. This was tax, title, everything for a total of $6,200.

Thanks guys... exactly what I was looking for.

when I got my ktm, my local dealer in linwood wouldnt deal.

I ended up sending emails to every dealer in Michigan (got the list from the ktm website) and went with the best price which was about $1000 less than my local dealer.

I even went back to my dealer first and told him if he could get within $2-300 I would buy from him, he wouldnt even try.

So I drove across the state to save $1000.

Thats pretty funny... thats exactly how I got my first streetbike. Emailed every honda dealer from thier website. However, my local guys ended up matching the price and all was well.

When I bought my DRZ I called all around looking for carryover models and finally found one the guy was willing to deal on.

This time, I want to be able to just walk in and say... here is my price, take it or leave it. If you are informed enough (which is why i'm here) it should be easy to do. Saves both sides a bunch of hassle.

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