Can't decide what to!

For people who own an '08 450 SX-f or an '08 YZ450F....I'm deciding wether I should purchase the SX-f or the YZ450f. Just want to know the advantages and disadvantages on both of the bikes. If you could help, let me know thanks.

I know nothing in particular about the KTM, but the YZF offers an extraordinarily reliable platform that performs well, handles well, and has some of the best stock suspension of any new MX bike. In addition, the parts, when needed, are much more available, and far cheaper, most of the time.

neither buy a 09 yzf:excuseme:

I've ridden a 07 450sxf and my own 08 yz450f. keep in mind the 2008 450sx-f saw improvements over the 07 model.heres a little comparison:



- hardly and bottom

- midrange kicks like an army mule!

- top end and over rev never stops to the rev limiter

- 1st gear a little tall for trails

- 4 speed

- fussy starter in gear

-electric start only( great until the battery goes when trying to start in gear all day)

- not been around so no real say on reliability long term, I know they had a few bugs for 07

- OEM parts can be very pricey and no one offers aftermarket so you have to deal with that


-name of this 450 is managable

-contollalbe powerband from idle to the rev limiter

-no where near as fast feeling as the 450sx-f, which could be a great thing or a bad thing.

- 5 speed

- no electric start

- known for reliability

- OEM part prices not as ridiculous and aftermarket parts available



- harsh mid stroke( quick fix is to take 20cc of oil out)

- rear doesnt settle over continuous bumbs

- rear can be either set for small stuff and bottom or set for big stuff and be harsh, its hard to find a happy medium

- setup is crusial

- otherwise very good compared to previous KTM's!( like my old 06 250sxf)


- great



- did I meantion great?



- little shaky in high speed bumbs or sand

- corners well escecially with a berm or rut

- front tire stock isnt the best


- more stable at speed

- front tire isnt the best

- I didnt pay much attention to compare either bike, sorry



- front brake is amazing with good control and great power!

- rear locks up a little easily and can be a little touchy


-front brake has good control but is soft and not as powerful in comparison to KTM

- rear brake is better than KTM with more control and a little more resistance to lock up


built quality is great on both bikes!

KTM has some great ideas like munting the rear brake pedal inside the frame.

The new KTM's feel wider than past KTM's and feel wider than the YZ 450.

YZ feels feathery in the air, KTM feels light but not near as much

Some of this info is in MXA magazine and is great info!

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any perticular questions

Dude, The bikes are both pretty good but I own a 08 yz450f... Love it!!! The sx-f is alright(for mx only, as it has 4 gears) that is a pain i'll tell ya. The yamaha does have smooth power delivery fast lap times and mine corners really well!!! So I'd go wit the yami...

Thanks a lot bro. I race a lot of MX, so I'm kinda thinking about going with the KTM. I race in the B class and I heard that the KTM is a good bike for top end power. But thanks for the help.

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