84-85 yz 250 wiring difference

i have an 85 yz 250 engine that was just delivered (i bought it from ebay) to go into my bike. my bike had an 84 yz 250 engine in it before. the only problem is that the wiring harness that connects the stator/generator on the engine to the cdi unit on the bike frame is different from 84 to 85 (different type of plug assembly and the wires are colored different)

so im thinking that i could just strip the wires and connect them using some generic male and female adapters. i will have to figure out which wires are for what though, and which wires go where. has anyone ever had this problem?


ok this is these are the two wiring harnesses. the sqare one with the numbers is from the 84 cdi unit, the three pronged one with the seperate single wire is from the 85 flywheel/generator/stator(whatever you want to call it).

the colors are

1 brown A brown

2 red B white

3 black C white/green

4 white/red D red

so i am assuming that i connect them as

red on red

brown on brown

white/red on white/green

black on white

I hope so.

I think your on your own with this project.

Those of us that owned the early yz's rarely came across a spare engine.


85 yz 250 stator/flywheel


84 yz 250 stator/flywheel

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