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Jetting Questions - Just need a little fine tuning

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Hello all,

Since I got most of my advice and info from you guys on this side, and jetting is a bit of a "taboo" subject these days over on the yellow side, I've come for some advice.

I've got a 2001 DRZ 400E

I ride 4000-7000'

Snorkle removed

Stock exhaust

Coast enrichener is ON

From Taffy, James Dean and others I've got to this setup.


5/8 turn PAJ

Fuel screw 3 turns

MJ 158

MAJ 200

Needle EKN clip#3

Taffy mod APJ

Bike starts and idles alright. Nasty bog when the throttle is cracked open quickly from an idle, bike will stall 9 times outta 10. Once you twist the throttle the bike will not settle to an idle but continues at high idle, it will settle to an idle if choked.

Fuel screw out 3 turns, according to the tuning manual, means the pilot jet is too small. The bike would drop nicely to idle with the stock 45PJ, 100PAJ, all else the same on a previous test.

The smaller 40PJ was supposed to be the ticket, what else should I be looking at? Is the 40PJ workable?

Bike isn't rideable right now so I need help.



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check your PM thannatakid


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