Custmer service .Whats that

I was just wondering, I dont know how it is in your neck of the country, but does anyone know a good dealership in SoCal

that still believes in customer service.I mean,I walk in to the parts dept. ready to spend some hard earned cash(little Trevors college fund),and the kid behind the counter just stares at me.Not a word.And if you ask them a question,they act like you are bothering them.

I have been to Alba Yamaha(the worst for cust.serv.),Motosports Warehouse(sold me a girls chest protector),Escondio cycle center(aka Tinsel Town).

Is it to much to ask for a simple "my I help you spend your money."

There must be someone that will treat you right. We have two Yamaha dealers in town here; one is HUGE and the other is a hole-in-the-wall dealership. Believe it or not, the big dealership has a great parts department. I get 10% off all parts I buy at the small place (because I bought my bikes there) but I go to the other place for parts because I know I get good service there. Good luck!

No location shown on your profile, but it sounds like you live inland-north county SD.

Try NCY in Escondido. They are really good. Small shop now but the new shop looks pretty big (not as big as ECC, it's huge).

Yes, some of the younger guys behind the counter lack knowledge and people skills at any shop, I can say the same for ncy. Ask for Grinny (can't miss him, he's little bald guy) or Kendall. Both of them are extremely knowledgeable.

There is a salesman there named Phil who is very sharp too. He rides and has a lot of ktm info.

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