Will probably need to sell my WR426 street legal ( How much ???) Canadian (Montreal)

I just broke my left hand and I will certainly need to sell my 2001 WR426. Street legal and it never see the dirt, low millage 1500 - 2000 km max. Baja Design kit and Panoram computer on it, Michelin Sirac tire on it (and still have the two new stock tire) gear ratio for the road (have also the stock one), new Renthal bar (never install), MSR clutch perch and CRD side frame protector.

How much could I ask for it ??? Please help.

I live at St-Jerome(near Montreal), Quebec, Canada.

Crazy(no more)Ronny

I just picked up a 2001 WR426,($5000) in Ontario. I also have a friend who just bought a new 2002 street leagal wr 426 and paid $7800. I would guess at $5500-6200?

You must know what you got into it and what you need to get back out

Crazy Ronny, talk to J.P. at Alary Sports. I'm sure he will be able to give you list price as well as what to expect. Maybe you could sell it on the U.S. side. The 1.6 exchange rate may be in your favor.

J'habite Prévost et les jeunes ont refait la piste a l'arrière de Superior Propane avec un Kubota. Viens voir.

J'ai le 400 avec la plaque blanche ventilée.

Désolé pour ta main.

Salut Hugh!!!

JP ne travaille plus chez Alary je crois.

Dit moi quant tu iras à la track, j'irai voir ça pour me donner mal au coeur un p'tit peu, j'ai le temps maintenant :)


CrazyRonnie, FYI J.P. is back at Alary Sports. I believe he was working at Desjardins Marine Honda in St-Adèle but didn't like it, and Alary hired him back. I didn't get a chance to ask him myself yet. Give him a call at Alary, I'm sure he can find your WR a home if you really do want to part with it.

I'll give you a heads up when I can make it to the track, not sure if I'll get to ride much this weekend.


Well, as far as I can tell there is nothing wrong with the bike. I have only been out on it three times so far. My buddy just got his 2002 and the ride and power feel the same?

as far as the price, I know it was an awesome price, I couldn't pass it up. I had been looking for awhile and the best deal I could find was $5500 for a beat up 00 wr.

I bought it at a Honda dealer, $4800 and the guy threw in a new helmet.I guess time will tell if there is something wrong with it. :)

Where do you guys ride in eastern ontario? Am always looking out for new riding spots. I would come in trough Hawkesbury.

Sweet I think next time I will buy a bike I will go in Ontario :) , you seem to have great deal. I bought mine new last year and I already pass the $11,000 can to make it the way it is right now and street legal.

I take the time to think about it, I will keep my bike, it's still new and I love it, if I sell it right now, i'm sure I will want another one when my hand will be ok, and I will lost to much in the process. Thank's for your help guy, but I will keep my Blue Baby with me :D


Sweet on my wr 426 Thats pretty cheap for a 2001

WR 426 was there anything wrong with it? I seen

98 's and 99's going for 5000 $

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