06' YZ450FSPV Strange problem

I went to the track today, and when I kicked my bike it started 1st kick. Which was strange but in a good way. Well I let it Idle for a few seconds with the choke on then turned the choke off. Well the bike died shortly after while i was getting my goggles on.

It felt odd kicking it, it was different than usual. It took forever but I finally Got it started back. It sounded awful like it was choking out. Kind of like a two stroke than needs to be "blowed out" but you couldn't.

I eased around on it trying to figure out what was going on. Stopped and checked the air filter and it was fine, plug showed signs of running a little rich. Well i started it back up and noticed it would blow white smoke out the exhaust when you blipped the throttle. Only then though and just small puffs. You couldn't see anything if you were riding or idling.

I'm at a loss for what is wrong with it as it was running fine sunday evening. Now it won't start at all. I pulled the head cover and noticed that it had jumped time somehow. I'm wondering could this have caused other problems? What else do I need to check, and what might have caused it to jump time? Also would it being out of time cause it to blow white puffs of smoke?

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks,


A friend's '06 450 had the timing chain slip a tooth on the exhaust cam a little while ago. After pulling the timing chain off, it was very apparent that the timing chain was worn and much stiffer than the new one he installed in its place.

Here is a link to the thread he posted when it happened:


Funny you posted this my bike started smoking the same way last night decided to take motor apart didnt jump timing but my cyl. has grooves in from looks like worn rings. i had checked my oil before teardown and it was low thats why it was burning it. need cyl and piston and chain

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