Tires? D756 vs D739AT

Can anyone recommend either of these tires over one another? I ride hard pack to desert. Just want all around good tires.


The 756 is suppose to be a soft terrian tire and the 739 a hard, FWIW. I think if those were my choices, in your conditions, I would go with the 739.

739 AT

Pros: Nearly flat proof, and very durable in rocks. Well wearing, long lasting.

Cons: Very heavy, we're talkin' 3 or 4 lbs. more than a 756, and not the best traction in sand, but liveable.


Pros: Very, very good in sand but also "crosses over" to hardpack well. Extremely versatile IMO, and will last much longer than most other soft terrain tires I've tried.

Cons: Will chunk knobs off in the rocks, although it is probably 75% better than a 752/755 in this regard.

From your post I would guess that, unless you see a large amount of deep sand, the A/T sounds like the more appropriate of the two. I normally run a 773 now, I see a lot of sand, but I have an 18" wheel w/ a 739 AT mounted for races (off-road, sand wash, some rocks etc.)

Hope this helps.

I second the last post. The 739 A/T is the tire for the Mojave and will work very well in loose stuff too. I've had mine on so long. It did the LA-Bto Vegas 2 years ago, and I've ridden once a week since then, maybe 1400 miles on it! I'm finally changing it soon but its still not bad. Truly a tire of iron.

Thanks for the responses. I think Iwill go for the 739 AT in the back...but what should I go with in the front? I have the 739 front and it really does stink! I wash out in every turn. Would a 756 front be a good match??

My experience with the 756 and 739AT agrees exactly with what Hick said.

As far as front goes, since they quit making the K139, I've switched to the D756 and was skeptical at first as far as flat protection goes but have had no problems in that regards. Also, it seems to stick well in a variety of conditions from semi-hard, to rocky, to soft. It wears pretty well also. The D739AT rear and D756 Front are what I'm currently running for Nevada desert. I like the D756 better when I race in Utah because there's more sandy soil and fewer rocks there. Hope this helps.

Would a 756 front be a good match??

Absolutely. That is my favorite front tire, although I'm also on my second 773 up front and it has held up well to one (short) ride on hard pack and rocks, and is stellar in sand...

The last three races I ran were 739 Desert A/T out back and 756 in front. It holds up well in rocks and has bite on hard stuff, but is still great in softer stuff. I've tried a wider variety of front tires (five different brands/models in the last few years) compared to rear and can't say I really prefer any over the 756, although I recently tried a Pirelli MT 44 (I thought that is what it was but I can't find that model on their web site) and really liked how it handled hard pack and soft, and how it held up (qualities that make the 756 such a good tire).

Hope this helps.

756 front and 739AT rear is the setup, at least in Utah.

On my last trip, my buddy ran that setup and it really performed well. I ran a 739FAJ up front. It sucked so badly in the sand! As a matter of fact, I haven't really liked it on anything except hard pack.

Regarding the MT44, I just raced a set in deep sand and tight woods. Based on that ride, they are great tires. I haven't had a chance to try them on more mixed or harder terrain. The cool thing about Pirelli's is they last so long.

I hated the 739 up front everywhere I rode it and at all tire preasures (maybe has alot to do with the weight of the tire making it resist stearing?), I love the 756 front tire everywhere I have rode it but for me the 756 rear has been great but gets ate up on rocks, I may try that trials tire on the rear next. The 739 is out for me on the rear because it just dose not work on silt/sand hills, it just wont get up the big hills no matter what I do, the 756 just rips up the loose pack hills and has geat traction everywhere, it dose seem a bit squirly on harder pack fire rodes at high speed, 5th gear, when cornering, it really tends to slide out when you turn if you give any type of throttle, but hey, it is a knobby tire after all, the power slides are predictable but a bit scarry till you get the hang of it, All the 2 smoke guys cant belive how I slide the WR around on fast dirt rode corners :).

Speaking of these two tires. Here's a pic of desertfoxx's 739AT (he's got the license plate) and my 756 I took today. He's had that tire on forever and it has as much tread than mine after only a few months. He has an M12 up front and that combo works well. :)


Exactly what Hick said. 756's hold up great on my DRZ in major arizona rocks, but the 739 will last a bit longer.

I've been trying various rear tires here in the AZ rocks and sand and just got a D739AT to replace the D756 that is on there now. The 756's don't seem to last me very long, but they do hook up pretty well everywhere. Tried a few M12's on the rear and they were ok (but I do really like the M12 front). The softer tires do hook up better when new and cross over into the sand very well, but a worn soft terrain tire doesn't hook up very well anywhere. I've even been running the bigger 110/100's (as opposed to the stock 100/100's on my 250F) to try to get more life out of them. The rocks eat 'em pretty fast. I'm hoping that the 739AT will serve my needs and last me a few months. Probably should have tried it sooner.

Also, I liked the 756 front for crossing over from rocks to sand, but the M12 does better in the rocks and lasts a bit longer.

So... yeah, I guess Hick pretty much said it. :)

The 739 is out for me on the rear because it just dose not work on silt/sand hills, it just wont get up the big hills no matter what I do,

Have you tried a 120 mm tire? That helps in the sand, I agree the 739 tread isn't the best in silt or sand but I don't see that big of a drop off from a 756, and all I ride in normally is sand with little hardpack.

BTW, don't forget we've been talking about the Dunlop 739 Desert A/T (for the rear only) the tread looks almost identical to a "normal" 739 but other than that it is a different tire. I'm sure it has a different compound, and obviously has a thicker carcass, which is why it is so heavy.

i have a 756 on the front and a 739 on the back. i must say the old 739 i had on the front was the biggest pile on earth. i hated that tire more than anything. in the sand must tec it wanted to never turn. the rear seems ok but i am going to try a 756 next time. the 739 has lasted me about a year. i ride alot.


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