anyone think this is true ? verified it mayhaps

Hey Guys,

just comparing the 2007 to 2008 really looking for 2009 wieght dry/wet

yamaha's site says there is a wieght diff

2007 model year wr450f = 246 pounds dry

2008 model year wr450f = 219 pounds dry

spec not available for the 2009 :thumbsup:

did yamaha really shave that much wieght looking at the rest of the spec,

they seem excatly the same! anyhow i thought my wr was not that heavy of a bike. maybe 260 wet ? maybe 250 wet ? anyone know ?



Seeing as the only change for 2009 was add "Bold New Graphics" they must have gone to some mighty thin vinyl to get it down to 219. It's a typo.....

Don't pay any attention to Yamaha's dry weight numbers. They are totally useless in the real world. Bottom line is that your WR, regardless of year will be in the 260-265 range when you are riding it.

They misprinted the dry weight of the YZ450 in that spot. The '08 weighs virtually, if not exactly, what the '07 did.

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