lanston carb settings

i found this post in the archives. Anyone ever use these settings? Where can you find that needle? Its not in the parts finch.

YZ/WR400F 0 to 8000 Feet.

Needle: OBEKN on clip #3 from the top

Pilot: 38

Pilot Air Screw: 65

Alternate Pilot: 40


Main: 155

Main Air Jet: 160

Fuel Screw Initial Setting: 1/4 turn OUT

Additionally You will need to purchase an RC wheel Collar and attach it to the Fuel pump rod from normal rest position UP the width of a dime and tighten the collar. (TAFFY MOD)

Ride with caution because the bike will now rip your arms off.


what setting are you guys running on the yz 400. I ordered the collar for the taffy mod. Hope it works

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