Hydraulic Brake Light Switch

Dont know whats up with yours but Ive got over 1500 hard trail miles on mine w/no probs.???

Between myself and one riding buddy, we have been through 3 hydraulic brake light switches in two weekends. His stopped working at all (twice), and mine stays on all the time now. Has anyone had these switches last, and if so, what brand are you using. I'm getting sick of messing with these things.

I bought mine from Dennis Kirk. They had two brands, and I bought the K&S brand. I removed it last night, and it's definitely stuck on. I whacked it with a board trying to disslodge the contacts to no avail. I'm thinking of buying the other brand, which is a Goodridge. Any thoughts on quality of either?

I got mine from Baja Design and for 3 years, and no problems.

I had one of the Baja Designs hydraulic switchs fail (would not come on) and they covered the replacement under warranty.

No problems since then.

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