Shorty no more...'08 Muffler

I finally got the wife/sponsor(j/k) to approve my order....

It's the brand new Akrapovic pipe for the '08 just came out a couple of weeks ago. The first ride will be this weekend with the new pipe :thumbsup:


DPW - looks great and it looks very similar to the reed/GL yami version. Curious how the performance is

What brand frame protectors are those? Link? Thanks.

DPW - looks great and it looks very similar to the reed/GL yami version. Curious how the performance is

I will let you know how it performs, but after running the stocker for so long I'm sure it will be good!

What brand frame protectors are those? Link? Thanks.

whats the canister thing above the header about?

Serves the same function as the Power Bomb/Mega Bomb; it damps pressure waves to extend the effective RPM range and widen the power curve.

Anyone have any idea why the version of this pipe on Reed/Ramsey's bikes has a shorter muffler?? I was checking this pipe out earlier in the year and noticed their muffler is about 3 or so inches shorter than the one that they sell.. Just curious..

I highly dought that the pipes that team yamaha run will ever become "PUBLIC". They are custom made for the team. several teams have "works exhaust" that the advearge comsumer wont be able to touch.

dont drop that sucka! I ended up going with a Ti4 procircuit. I would like to try that 08 pipe looks like the header is a little diff than the previous version, although I was expecting the short muffler like reeds bike. I think I like the PC pipe better anyways, more low end, more over rev, and that mega bomb thing, sings like crazy when your on the pipe....kinda crazy sounding, you will think you have a leak cause its pulsing against the inside of the header. Cant go wrong either way IMO, akro is the best quality of weld and fit and finish of any pipes made.

Maybe it is longer because of the noise. The systems are produced in Europe and so to FIM rules, which means 94db. I think in supercross (America) they are allowed to go up to 102db after the race. So what is the noise of this exhaust system?

yep you all are right - this is not the shorty version I thought was coming.....

DPW - ride report...plz:applause:

The exhaust tone is fairly quiet for a 450MX bike, I only ran the bike with the noise reduction insert installed. The pipe seemed to just really enhance the stock power characteristics to me. I did not notice an increase in only one of the pants felt stronger across the entire RPM range. The track I rode had a couple of deep loam sections that normally I would have to downshift and now with the new pipe I just give it gas and it pulls and goes. I use to have problems with using second gear from the starting line, but that has been fixed with the new pipe problem now. If you like the smoothness of the stock '08, but want more this is a perfect pipe

Jetting is all stock.

I was hoping the new muffler would have been a bit shorter too, but I'll take the longer quieter exhaust.

I was only able to ride once this weekend so the review is a bit short, but my thoughts so far.

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