Who uses Rotella T synthetic for motocross only?And a few other questions.

I'm not starting a what oil should I buy thread nor do I care about what gear oil from the dealer I should buy. But I am sick of 8-9 bucks for 900cc's of gear oil! No one around that I know of uses it (rotella),although I hear great thing's about it, that and ATF type-F but ATF has about an hour of use in it for motocross.Anyway who Uses it for MX and what 10w30 or 10w40 full synthetic or non.When are you change intervals?

Thanks guys.

edit:for a two stroke!

Ive been using Rotella in my KX450f pretty much since day 1, no problems yet (I hope I didnt just jinx myself). Im adamant about changing my oil and pretty much do so every 2 rides, but as of just recently, Ive been slacking to every 4-5

Actually, I run just the standard Rotella T petro blend in my KTM as well as my Honda 919 and my sons TTR90. It's been great so far and I've heard nothing but rave reviews on it.

I've ran the synthetic in my 06' YZ250 since I bought it. And my YZ426 for years before that. Never an issue.

I dont ride much MX, but between the abuse I heap on it in the forest and dunes I can attest that Rotella is quality stuff.

I just use the regular 15w40. Its good stuff. The synthetic is more expensive and thinner. its a 5w40. I would go with the triple protection rotella t 15w40 dino oil.

thanks for the reply's guys


The anti-wear additive package is of extreme importance to a transmission! That is where the trans specific lubes (Maxima MTL or Motul Trans Oil for example) have it all over the other possible choices for your transmission....they have a monster addtive package.

Be aware that the "diesel" oils have been reformulated for catalytic converters. They have had a downgrade in their anti-wear additive packages, so the testemony of some old timer who ran Rotella in the past (which did have a descent additive package), isn't necessarily a good way to judge what the current Rotella offerings will do in your trans!

i just run motorex gear oil, i use motorex for everything else (pre mix and engine oil in 4 strokes) so mgiht as well go for broke with the gear oil too.

The Rotella T Triple Protection 15-40 is what nearly all of the fellas at LTR450HQ are running in the quads. I used to race quads, switched back to bikes. I have never had a problem with it. Not only that, but the dealer once used a different oil, and I could tell immediately because all of the sudden, I couldn't find N for chit. I changed it back to Rotella T, and bam, N is a piece of cake again.

I plan on using it in my RMZ450 and racing MX.

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