Spokes and Faast Company Wrench

Okay so my manual says the spokes should be set to 2.2 foot pounds which is equivelant to 26.4 inch pounds. On other topics it says that the pre set setting of the faast company spoke wrench ( non adjustable ) is 48 inch pounds and that it works for 99% of applications. This seems like to much of a difference in the setting of the spoke wrench or is it just the yamahas that dont get tightened as much. Im confused on this and any help would be great. What do you guys set you yz450 spokes at?

I personally don't use a spoke torque wrench, but I am absolutely certain that I set them tighter than 24 in/lb. In your case I would use the spoke wrench and not worry about it.

I think 26,4 inch pounds is way too loose. Even my preset fasst wrench (48 inch pounds as said allready) seemed not much.

okay thanks ill stick with the 48 in pound setting and hope to not break any more spokes.

Spokes break for 3 main reasons:

Fatigue; they get old and tired. There's no way this should apply to a well maintained 1 year old wheel under any circumstances.

Extreme stress. Here again, normal people can't generally do this without hurting themselves. I'm talking about flat landing 200'+ jumps and such.

Improper maintenance of tension. This is the one that does it. Each loose spoke in the wheel multiplies the load on those that remain tight. Eventually, the tight ones get overloaded and either fatigue early, or break outright. Keeping the wheel uniformly tight is the best way to keep it strong, and more spokes have been broken by others being loose than by the whole set being to tight.

not even 5 rides on brand new rim/spokes/hub spokes checked and tightened if need be after every ride. 5 broken spokes after last hairscramble was casing 110' step up a lil nothing serious. tire pressure was at 13psi RAD says they recomend 14 and they also said they have never broken spokes on an 18" rim. Thats obvisouly not true.

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