Picking up a "new" 450


I'm finally upgrading to the magic button!! One of my buddies is giving me a sweet deal on his NEARLY cherry condition '03 450F (coming off a 400).

He has all the parts for the starter mod, but hasn;t installed them yet. Anything else with the '03s that I should keep an eye out for? He's giving me too good a deal to pass up, so I am definitely getting the bike, just looking for preventative tips to keep it running strong.

Thanks in advance

Nope... the woodruff key I think is the only thing you really need to be concerned about with that year... If it is truly a low hour machine then everything should be good for a while:ride:

Do the starter mod right away, don't wait!


first thing on the agenda!!!

They also had the run of "string cheese" lube in the swing arm / linkage bearings on the WR's about this time... it's also a good idea to take this apart right from the start and clean / lube as needed.

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